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Let's Mint You a Hodly Hero!

1. Choose how many you'd like; send your payment.

2. When transaction has confirmed, choose "Yes/OK" at the pop-up to begin the minting process. If you cancel, your NFT will not mint (please contact the Pelenia community on Telegram or Twitter if this happens)

3. Wait.

4. You will be notified when the minting process has completed. See the My NFTs page to start having some fun.

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NFT-Fueled Stories YOU Create!

The 10 Lost Heroes have disappeared through the Portal of Yestermorrow! 3,333 new Hodlies seem to have emerged out the other end, their traits & accessories vaguely familiar...

There's only one problem: these Hodly Heroes of Yestermorrow need your help to remember where they came from.

Original Lost Heroes10
Heroes of Yestermorrow3333
Total Attributes77
Mint Price Here666 ZIL
Buy Price Elsewhere888 ZIL

Explore All Attributes & Rarity

Species10 colors
Strength17 weapons
Clothing15 options
Head/Eyewear12 pieces
Accessories11 pieces
Facial Hair & Look11 styles

Roadmap: What's In Store?

As an experiment in community storytelling, all software & tools built will be shared with and available for other projects within Pelenia DAO. 3D Interaction Platform View your Hodly and put it inside custom 3D environments! Use it as a tool to get inspired and start writing stories.

Collab Networking Dapp

Pitch ideas & premises to NFT owners. Maybe your Hodlies know eachother from the reality bend last summer.

Multiverse Megapacks

Asset libraries such as sound effects, animation presets, facial expressions, and more--available only to NFT holders.

Media Bits & Pieces

We start producing quality media telling the stories of our Hodlies and their plight for decentralization.